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  • Name: labcorp
  • Address: Burlington, North Carolina, USA.
  • Office Number: 800-845-6167

How do I contact Labcorp?

Here we highlight the Labcorp phone Number is 800-845-6167 through which you can get service related information.

Here you can see Labcorp Corporate office Address is 531 South Spring Street Burlington, North Carolina 27215, United States.

Labcorp has numerous service centers located throughout the United States and in other countries. If you prefer in-person communication, you can visit a nearby Labcorp service center to speak with their staff directly. Labcorp’s website should have a locator tool to help you find the closest service center to your location.

About us

Labcorp, also known as Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, is a leading global life sciences company that specializes in providing a wide range of clinical laboratory and drug development services. It is one of the largest clinical laboratory networks in the world.

Labcorp Corporate Office - Phone Number

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